We r not in the Loop anymore…. well we r doing a show this month in the Loop, BUT in general What It Is is back in sunny Oak Park – for now….. so don’t go to the space on Madison – coz u won’t find us there. kk … but if u want to hang out and say midweek and stuff come find us at The 3D Printer Experience our new venture we co-founded with some really cool folks here in Chicago.

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  1. Dan Nordquist says:

    I used to live in Oak Park – near Lombard and Washington and I have some fond memories of it. i called it “Oak No Park” which indicated one aspect I was not so fond of. It would be fun / nice /interesting etc. to come by your gallery some time and get to klnow you. I stopped by the space in the Art Chicago show and got to know one of the artists – lise baggesen – and she encouraged me to stop back and meet others there, but I wasn’t able to do so. I had asked about Michelle Wasson also. I am an artist also, and a …collector, spelled with a small “c” and not a big “C”. Cheers, Dan

  2. Frank Healy says:

    As parents we are obviously proud and supporting but well done to Tom & Holly for giving this opportunity, not only to James, but all the other artists they are showcasing. Really must buy you a pint or two when next in the UK. Very best wishes to everyone. I am sure you will all make your mark.

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